Mission Statement

Workforce Management’s mission statement is to operate with accountability, passion, and care about our clients professional aspirations and employees personal success. It is our commitment to work for you with honesty, intensity, and integrity.

How the Business Started

Workforce Management was founded by two women (Keely Flores & Elizabeth “Beth” McGee) who formulated a comradery the moment they met. They developed a mutual respect for one another’s professional talent and business acumen. The business partnership was started based upon a strong work ethic, great sense of humor and a passion for staffing. Keely & Beth have a commitment to a sense of urgency that is unsurpassed and find delivering world-class service a natural extension of themselves. It is through their compassion that they treat each candidate with kindness and respect. Keely & Beth feel accountable when a business trusts them to handle each and every open position. They understand with each placement, how they are impacting your business and have a vested interest in you to achieve your goals for a prosperous future. Everyone wins when the ideal candidate finds the perfect position!

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